Working at PMG

In the same way that PMG specializes in providing protection, peace of mind, and predictability to its clients it delivers the same benefits to its employees. That’s because our employees power our business.


The most important aspect of what we do does not involve how fast we get the job done or how well it exceeds expectations, but that each and every one of our employees returns safely home from every job, every time.

Peace of Mind

We have high expectations for our employees. Challenges and opportunity for growth are plentiful at PMG. We believe that employees that take on the challenges and make the most of opportunities should be rewarded with the peace of mind of knowing that we work just as hard to provide them with financial stability and opportunities to further their careers.


Life is hectic, schedules change, and projects don’t always go as planned. Even when everything does not go as planned we strive to provide consistency in how we treat our employees. Even when life isn’t predictable we are.

Because education is important to the success of our employees it is also important to us. We want our employees to be competitive and intelligent. We want them to learn and be able to apply what they learn in the real world. That is why we provide educational assistance to qualified employees.

Our employees are not confined by a small cubicle or even a small warehouse. Our projects take us where you want to be…outside. Your office is measured in square miles, not square feet.

Are you interested in seeing how technology is shaping industries? Here at PMG we are the leaders in integrating technology into the vegetation management industry. Our employees play an integral role in helping us maintain a competitive edge. Employees are encouraged to give feedback and suggestions about how to improve and better use the technology that we have.

When was the last time you worked in an area without cell service? How long has it been since your job required you to step off the beaten path and explore new territory? At PMG we live for adventure. Our jobs take us from industrial complexes to remote locations that literally are in the middle of nowhere.

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