Kennecott Copper Case Study




Kennecott Copper (KUCC) is a 100-yr old mining company, located in Northern Utah, which produces about 25% of all the copper used in the United States. A subsidiary of multinational mining conglomerate Rio Tinto, KUCC places high emphasis on protecting the environment and on contractor safety.

Project Overview

Kennecott Copper sought out PMG’s services because the company needed a contractor to control phragmites, an invasive weed species that was threatening wetland areas. The phragmites were especially problematic because they were disturbing sensitive habitats for inland shore birds. Kennecott needed a strategic partner who could carry out the project according to its standards for environmentally responsible management.

PMG’s Approach

PMG provided Kennecott the benefit of our expertise, using our knowledge of phragmites and specialized amphibious spray equipment to control the weed. We gathered data and provided it to Kennecott so the company could demonstrate regulatory compliance. In addition, we met contractor safety requirements set by KUCC with PMG’s already implemented third-party verified safety program.

Results and case study findings

• In carrying out the project, PMG constantly communicated with our client representative.
• The communication helped Kennecott record the project’s progress and met company requirements so that the client representative knew when PMG workers arrived on site or left the project location.
• PMG met Kennecott’s precise needs through employing specialized equipment and herbicides.
• PMG used an amphibious ATV and herbicide labeled for aquatic use. The specialized expertise required to control and precisely document phragmite populations can only be provided by a few weed management companies. In this regard, PMG has the knowledge and experience to be widely recognized as a leader.
• PMG provided accurate maps data showing where and how much herbicide was used during the entire project.
• PMG’s use of technology to provide documentation for our work, in addition to aiding companies seeking to demonstrate regulatory compliance or record detailed account of budgetary expenditure, lays the ground work for future weed management projects.

Type of Work

• Wetland treatment using amphibious ATV and aquatic labeled herbicides.