Pacificorp Case Study


Transmission and Distribution (T&D)


Pacificorp is an electricity distribution company serving over 1.4 million customers in the American West. The company places a high emphasis on respecting and protecting the environment.

Project overview

PMG services were sought in order to manage noxious weeds with little to no supervision in a large geographic area on a repeated annual summer schedule. Pacificorp entrusted PMG with the project to control the Bear River Weeds Management area, an area running over 111 miles along the Bear River from Cutler Dam in Northern Utah to Alexander Reservoir located just outside Soda Springs, Idaho. The project demanded a strict attention to detail because Pacificorp’s “RESPECT” policy required proactive planning to meet the company’s lofty environmental commitments.

PMG’s approach

PMG trained our staff to recognize and implement Pacificorp’s specific needs, developing treatment schedules and coordinating with area managers to get needed information. Throughout the project, we adapted seamlessly to the needs of the Transmission and Distribution industry and demonstrated an ability to carry out large-scale projects, all while being immediately responsive to urgent needs. PMG worked to be capable of satisfying Pacificorp’s environmental convictions without a need for oversight or supervision from the client.

Results and case study findings

• PMG built and maintains a strong client relationship.
• Communication was key. We provided weekly updates and yearly summaries throughout the project.
• PMG provided accurate data, documenting precise locations where weeds were sprayed.
• Reports provided client with assurance that the project was carried out precisely as requested. At the end of each year, a summary was compiled with documentation of areas treated as well as data concerning vegetation population numbers.
• PMG trained our staff to attend to Pacificorp’s specific policies, needs and desires.
• Project success stemmed from PMG’s ability to understand, adopt, and carry out our strategic partner’s vision. Through staff training, we aligned company interests, which meant we met Pacificorp’s standards without a need for constant supervision.

Type of work

• Roadside spraying using UTV and trucks
• Reclamation treatment using UTV and backpacks
• Rough Country treatment via backpacks