PMG’s General Vegetation Control service helps you manage and eradicate weed populations. With technology-driven field work, we provide data collection and detailed mapping that makes reporting on progress easy. See below for the types of settings and landscapes where we do our work.

General Vegetation Control and inventory:

• Right-of-way
• Roadside
• Broadcast
• Spot-treatment
• Back-country

Integrated GPS spray technology records specific weed species, location, and density of infestation.

PMG’s bareground vegetation control implements solutions for clients who want to pre-treat a landscape. We send in PMG crews to make sure invasive species don’t move in after you’ve done your work. Likewise, we provide detailed mapping reports of our work to document precisely what we have done. See below for types of settings where PMG does pre-emergent vegetation control.

• Sub-stations
• Well-heads
• Etc.

Technology allows us to map areas sprayed and the amount of chemical used.

At times, clients come to PMG with a project that requires urgent action. Our expedited service comes in to play when a vegetation control solution absolutely needs to be completed within a short timeframe. In these situations, PMG has experience helping our clients implement rapid solutions that mitigate immediate risks and reduce regulatory or legal pressures.

Expedited services are accepted on a case-by-case basis. Our knowledgeable staff will work with the client to determine the most efficient and effective approach. Equipment will be selected specifically for the needs of the project, and detailed maps will be provided in order to prove that the work has been done and that it meets legal and regulatory requirements.