Canyons Ski Resort Case Study


Recreational Resort


Canyons Resort is the largest skiing and snowboarding recreation area in Park City, Utah. In addition, Canyons operates as a major tourist attraction in summer months when visitors come specifically to enjoy the breath-taking terrain and scenery, including the mountain’s natural flora and fauna. Operated by Vail Resorts, Inc., Canyons is the international company’s flagship subsidiary in Utah. For Canyons, natural beauty is central to the business.

Project Overview

Canyons Resort sought PMG’s services to eradicate noxious weeds and preserve the natural environment in the resort area so that summertime visitors could enjoy the beauty of the landscape. The project required PMG to consult with Canyons in order to prioritize the areas treated according to the resort’s most immediate needs, staying within the company’s budget.
PMG’s Approach: Based on knowledge of Canyons’ most pressing needs, PMG prioritized areas to be treated according to the location’s amount of traffic and visibility for resort visitors. As the weed populations declined in these areas, we directed our attention to less visible locations.

Results and case study findings

• In consultation with Canyons, PMG developed a successful plan to prioritize problem areas, and implemented a large-scale project in a series of stages.
• PMG worked to understand the priorities of Canyons Resort as well as the interests of its thousands of yearly visitors. We developed the project according to our partner’s needs and documented our progress. Once we got a handle on the problem areas, we expanded our focus to include other areas.

Type of work

• Roadside treatment using trucks
• Rough terrain and trails treatment using backpacks